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PP Homopolymer HM

We distribute polypropylene homopolymer sourced from industry-leading manufacturers.

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Polypropylene is characterized by the following key attributes:

  • Resistance to chemicals. As polypropylene does not readily react with diluted bases and acids, it is suitable for use in the manufacture of containers for cleaning agents, medical products, and other chemically sensitive materials.
  • Elasticity and durability. The material’s elasticity and plasticity allow it to withstand pressure and stress without breaking.
  • Resistance to fatigue. Even after being subjected to bending, flexing, and torsion, parts made out of polypropylene retain their shape.
  • Insulation. PP’s high electrical resistance makes it suitable for use in electronic devices.
  • Transmissivity. The material is available in transparent and opaque variations, allowing it to accommodate a broader range of light transfer and aesthetic needs.



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